Step 5 – Defence

Australia needs a strong national defence

In a Nutshell:

  1. Service to the nation will be encouraged, but service will be voluntary.
  2. All Australians must have the Common Law right and freedom to buy and own guns without a licensing process, just as we had in the early days of our nation.
  3. Australia needs a strong, well-equipped, defence force, backed by a well trained, well-equipped civilian militia.
  4. Australia will not send our troops overseas to war unless:
    • Australia is directly threatened by an enemy, in which case the government will send troops immediately.
    • Or, in the case of a call to arms by an ally, all citizens will vote in a referendum to decide whether we should send our troops overseas or not.
  5. By encouraging all able-bodied Australians to voluntarily give service back to the nation, service to the nation will encourage pride in our nation, provide training in trades and technologies for our citizens, and help eliminate unemployment. We recognize that some equipment will be immediately available from Australian companies, while we need to set longer startup and delivery dates for more sophisticated or large-scale manufacturing by Australian suppliers.
  6. We can achieve full employment by making it mandatory that all equipment supplied to the ADF be fully manufactured in Australia, by Australians, within a set period of time; we recommend a five year maximum. To boost our manufacturing sector to achieve this goal, the Commonwealth of Australia government will provide low or no-interest loans to start-ups. This will immediately boost the Australian economy, rebuild our manufacturing base, and ensure that our defence is never compromised, as it is today by relying on overseas suppliers.
  7. All Australians who elect to serve in the military will be trained in weapons use and management, and they will be required to take their weapons home at the end of their training and keep them ready at all times to defend our nation, if ever required. Switzerland is a shining example of how well this works; ever since they implemented this policy well over a centry ago they have never been invaded.
  8. Shooting is a legitimate profession, sport and pastime and participants should be treated with respect accordingly.
  9. We believe all Australians have the right to protect their families in their own home. Home intruders will be discouraged from entering homes by allowing anyone facing extreme and life threatening situations to shoot if threatened first, with penalties should the homeowner use unnecessary force after disabling an intruder.
  10. Disarming law-abiding Australians is not in the national interest and does not deal with the causes of increasing criminal activity.

Many Australians are, or have been, responsible firearm owners and they object to being discriminated against as politically incorrect pariahs because of a couple of maniacs who went on a rampage with a gun. We see no valid reason for a government to disarm citizens using this flimsy excuse as a pretext. Therefore, a Common Law government operating under the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1901 will change the laws to give all Australians the right to own, trade, and use firearms, subject only to some common sense rules.

  • Before buying any arms the buyer must present a police certificate to certify that they have no previous criminal history involving arms.
  • They will also have to provide a mental health certificate after thorough testing, to prove they are mentally fit to bear arms.
  • The only other requirement for anyone buying firearms is that they must demonstrate their ability to fire and maintain firearms in their possession safely. This can be achieved by requiring all arms buyers to complete a training course and presenting their graduation certificate to the gun shop owner.

Responsible gun owners are those who have been trained in using firearms safely. This is usually handed down from parents and grandparents, or through responsible clubs and military training, etc.

The real reason for the so-called gun problem is abrogation of Governments’ responsibility to the Australian people, ignoring the Australian Constitution and binding Australians to foreign treaties that are detrimental to our national interests. All this has been done without consulting the Australian people voting in a referendum. It is time for a change to bring in common sense weapon ownership.

As part of this process, we will propose referendums to review and tear up any foreign treaties that do not serve the people’s interests.

Service to the Nation

To have a successful defense force, a country must:

  1. Have a united, motivated and patriotic population, not divided by internal dissension created by political ideologies or minority lobby groups.
  2. Have a strong, well-equipped, well-trained defense force with high morale and motivation to duty.
  3. Have a defence industry capable of producing all defence needs in quantities adequate for training and operations, all manufactured in Australia.

Our Commonwealth of Australia Government must be prepared to initiate and support all three points in the national interest without allowing interference from overseas sources.

To achieve these goals it is in Australia’s security interests to encourage Service to the Nation. The Defence Bill will state that all citizens of sound mind and body will be encouraged to volunteer to undergo military training, or to serve the nation in a civilian organization such as the fire brigade, ambulance service or other public service endeavour.

All citizens opting for military service will be required to keep their firearms with them in their homes where they can be called into action whenever needed.

To ensure Australia is never dependent on outside suppliers for our vital defense capabilities, the Defence Bill will include a provision that all equipment and services for our military must be manufactured in Australia within a defined period of time, depending on the complexity of the equipment and our ability to produce it. During the transition period the government will continue to outsource for equipment until Australian manufacturers can produce it.

Those citizens who do not wish to serve in the military will have the option of providing civil service instead.

  • We recognize the growing concern among Australians with regard to our increasing vulnerability. to foreign invasion. We propose maintaining a strong, well-armed, highly trained civil defense force able to support the ADF in times of danger to the nation. A well-armed militia is a strong deterrent to any country considering invasion.
  • Australians have the right to defend themselves, their families, their homes and their businesses. We acknowledge their legitimate right to gun ownership, under the proviso that adequate training and storage form part of the equation.
  • Approximately 22% of the ADF and 25% of Reserves are former Cadets. Future policy should be to encourage voluntary growth of new Cadet Units at high schools and Army Reserve depots, and to encourage active links with the community such as participation in ANZAC Day, Australia Day, annual shows and local festivals. Like all Reserve Forces, they are part of the community and our patriotic military tradition of loyalty and service.
    • Cadet training should cover drill, discipline and pride in uniform and tradition, character building, survival training and bush walking, canoeing and rock-climbing, firearms safety training and marksmanship. Cadet sub-calibre rifles and air rifles should be developed and issued to trained cadets for them to own and maintain at all times.
    • Visits to Army establishments to experience service equipment and service life are essential as part of this training.
  • Australians will continue to honour and support our brave men and women who have served in armed conflicts around the world on our behalf. We will never forget those who gave their life for an independent, free and democratic Australia.
  • Voluntary Service to the Nation includes never sending our troops overseas to fight in wars unless our country is directly threatened by an enemy force. In that case, the government will have the authority to send ADF troops to war immediately.
  • In all other cases, if the government believes we should send troops to an overseas war to support an ally the proposal must first be put to a referendum of We the People, and the government must abide by the results of the referendum.
  • Those rendering voluntary civilian or military service shall be paid appropriately for the job they perform in that service.  If necessary, family income shall be augmented by the Commonwealth to a reasonable level bearing in mind the family income pertaining at the start of the Citizen’s service.
  • Employers of persons undergoing training or deployed on operational service in the Military Reserve Forces and the Emergency Services Reserve shall be required to ensure such employees are reinstated without detriment at the conclusion of their service.
  • Those who render military or alternative service and thereby suffer health impairment or lose their life shall receive for themselves or their dependent relatives adequate support from the Commonwealth to ensure their income remains equal to or exceeds Average Weekly Earnings1 adjusted annually.
  • Disabled, physically handicapped, or mentally impaired citizens will still be able to render their service to the nation according to their abilities should they so desire.
  • Persons of the Islamic or any other faith that preaches death to non-believers will be barred from serving in the ADF. The Koran and Islamic beliefs are incompatible with Australian values. Nor will any Islamist be allowed to own firearms. Severe penalties will apply to any Islamist found with a firearm or explosive.
  • Persons who have served time in jail will be assessed by an independent board of citizens, psychiatrists, and legal specialists, and their eligibility to serve the nation shall be determined based on the nature of their crime, their behaviour during incarceration, and their demonstrated ability to integrate into society. These persons must demonstrate that they are no longer involved in criminal activity for at least five years before becoming eligible for military service.

1 Average Weekly Earnings (AWE) shall mean Average Weekly Earnings as determined by the Bureau of Statistics.

Our Defence Policy: Military Service:

  1. The Elected Prime Leader of the country shall be the Commander-in-Chief of the Australian Armed Forces.
  2. Australian Defence Forces shall be maintained at a sufficient staffing level to ensure the safety of Australian society at all times. To achieve this a Defence Bill will be presented to Parliament to govern the time each volunteer will serve, the training they will received, and how they will be equipped. All those volunteering shall be obliged to render military service up to the age of 45, as and when required to defend the Nation.
  3. Until changed by the People voting at referendum a minimum of 3% of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) shall be allocated to the defense of the Nation.
  4. Persons attempting to invade Australia shall be repelled at our borders with all the force required to deter them by permanent ADF personnel, backed by the civil Reserve defense force as needed. This provision shall apply whether or not the invaders wear uniforms.
  5. Other than actions to protect Australia from direct attack, only the People voting at referendum shall commit Australia to war against any overseas country, for any reason, in keeping with security pacts and treaties signed by the government on behalf of the People. The government shall initiate such a referendum as early as possible in the likelihood of hostilities.
  6. When calling for tenders to supply arms, munitions, and equipment to supply the ADF, first preference will always be given to Australian companies.
  7. All armaments, equipment and supplies must be sourced from Australian companies whenever available, and a target set to manufacture all military equipment and supplies by Australian companies within a set time, depending on the complexity of the manufacturing requirements.
  8. Subsidies and government sponsored low-interest loans will be made available to Australian companies to encourage startup companies to produce supplies for the ADF.
  9. Scholarships will be offered to students who show promise of becoming scientists and engineers, so that Australia gradually becomes self-sufficient and need no longer rely on foreign arms and equipment suppliers.

Civil Service:

  1. Anyone volunteering for training in alternative services such as police, fire, ambulance, paramedic, coast watch, search and rescue services, or other civil services will undergo training, and shall be eligible to serve as a member of Emergency Services Reserve from age 18 to 38 years.
  2. Alternative training shall be for a period of 15 weeks each and every five years between the ages of 18 and 38 years while enrolled to serve. Such Citizens shall be required to render such service as and when required in times of emergency.
  3. Citizens may be assigned to work on public projects, such as canal building, dam building, or other projects that will benefit the nation.
  4. Criminals serving time in jail shall be assigned to work on public projects according to their abilities, such as canal building, dam building, or other projects that will benefit the nation. They will be paid at standard rates for their work and the money held in escrow for release at the end of their sentence.

Treaties and Obligations

The government will review all defence treaties, and if it is felt they do not serve the best interests of the nation the government will either rescind or renegotiate them from a position of strength, after consultation with and a referendum of the people.

Australians will not be forced to go to war on behalf of a foreign country ever again because of a treaty or defense pact unless it is in defense of Australian soil, and only after a referendum of the People. We will, however afford support for our Allies and friendly nations to station troops, hold joint exercises, and undertake other activities on our soil if we see that it will benefit our security.

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Women in the services

Women have a long and proud history of service in the armed forces and the war industry. Women shall have the same right to volunteer to become combat soldiers of their own free will. All defense force personnel, including women, will be trained in the art of combat so that they are ready to defend our nation any time when needed.

Civil Militias

As local common law assemblies are formed around the country and the old political party system crumbles away, members of common law assembly communities may wish with form local civil militias to protect their people. These militias will be armed and trained by nearby military units.

Militias will operate to a strict set of standards and rules to ensure that each community is protected by a professional force drawn from members of the community, and directly accountable to the community for their behaviour. The system will operate on a similar basis as the Swiss militias are orgranized. Each militia member will be required to keep their assigned weapon in good, clean condtion, fully loaded and ready for use whenever required. They will keep their weapons at home, and always take them to any training sessions. They will be responsible for and accountable for their weapons at all times.

In the case of theft or loss militia members will be required to report the loss to their commander immediately so that a search of the community can be initiated. Losing weapons will be considered a grave event and every effort must be made to recover the missing weapon(s). Where it is proved that the loss of the weapon was the fault of a militia member, they may be held responsible for replacing the weapon out of their own pocket.

Weapons Ownership Policy

  1. We will create a register of people prohibited from owning firearms due to violent or weapons-related crime. Anyone convicted of a violent crime, or of belonging to a criminal group such as the Mafia, Islam, or criminal motorcycle clubs, will be forever prohibited from owning a firearm. This information to be made available on Crim-Track for police, government, military and arms sellers to refer to before issuing a firearm. Anyone from the groups mentioned who are arrested for carrying a firearm illegally will feel the full force of the law upon them.
  2. People diagnosed with psychiatric problems will also be barred from owning firearms until such time as they are discharged from treatment and certified by a doctor to have overcome their problems. We will urge, however, a rigorous assessment and testing procedure before such certification.
  3. We will stem the flood of illegal weapons that are being smuggled into our country by reversing the Customs cut backs that have enabled the flood of such weapons entering our shores. As a result, while citizens have been disarmed, criminals have been arming themselves with powerful firearms. This must be reversed. From late 2007 there has been a decline from 60% of air freight being checked. Today, only about 8% of incoming freight is checked and only 4.3% of sea cargo is x-rayed, while only 0.6 of 1% is physically checked. We will increase recruitment to enable Customs officers to conduct spot checks any time on any suspect cargo using any combination of technology, dogs, x-rays, and physical searches.
  4. Home owners and occupiers shall have the right to use firearms if absolutely necessary as a last resort in the defence of their own lives and that of their family in their own homes.
  5. Firearm legislation shall provide for safe and responsible ownership and use of firearms. While it is paramount that all Australians be protected from the illegal use and abuse of firearms, we support measures to control and apprehend those who illegally or irresponsibly use firearms. The legislation must not obstruct, harass or penalize legitimate law-abiding firearm owners.
  6. Firearm owners deserve to have their confidence in government restored through the re-establishment of the principle, “innocent unless proven guilty”. With this principle in mind firearm legislation must be formulated on the basis of common sense.
  7. All these proposals are focused on giving back hope to all Australians that we can build a healthier and happier society giving all our citizens, present and future, real economic opportunity, social stability and justice.
  8. Legislation to bring in Service to the Nation is designed to allow Australians to give something back to the country that so richly nurtures them.
  9. Pending institution of Service to the Nation approved by referendum, we will urge the government to institute a Royal Commission of people elected from the community into gun control and usage in Australia with the widest terms of reference. The members of the Royal Commission should not be elected members or executives of a political party. Nor can they ever be believers in Islam. The Quoran orders all muslims to kill every non-believer, no matter what their religion. We cannot allow people like that to have anything to do with the defence of our nation.
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