About Us

Advance Australia was founded by Mike Holt, and is the result of years of soul-searching and study.

Advance Australia started out as Restore Australia back in 2012, but we changed our name to Advance Australia in 2017. By then, another group calling itself Reclaim Australia had come along and people were confusing the names, so we thought it best to change ours. And as Advance Australia has a more positive ring to it we have kept it.

Mike Holt is the founder of Advance Australia. He is a Vietnam veteran, father of two daughters, and husband. Mike was born in the UK in 1947 and immigrated to Australia with his family in the mid-1950’s. He’s one of those lucky 5-quid Poms. His father had served in the RAF during WW2 and then he transferred to the RAAF under the Australian immigration plan. On arrival the family lived in Brisbane in a suburb where many New Australians, as they were called then, were settling into this exciting and wonderful new land.

Mike completed his education and joined the RAAF where he trained as a Telegraphist (telecommunications). The training he received was to have a profound effect on the rest of his life, as his communications skills prepared him at an early age for the political work he has ended up dedicating his life to.

Mike served in Ubon in 1967 during the Vietnam War, where he was engaged in fighting the clandestine war against Communism. Even today he cannot talk much about it, as we he is still under the Official Secrets Act.

As the website states, Advance Australia is not a political party and it never will be. It is a political activist group, consisting of Australians from all walks of life, and all political views. In fact, the more we find out about how corrupt the entire political party system is the more dedicated we are to tearing it down to replace it with Citizens Initiated Referendums (CIR), so that the people of Australia can all participate in our government. We want Government of the people, by the people, for the people.

CIRNow – A New Beginning

CIR is not a new concept. Many groups have tried to bring it in over the last few decades, but they have always run into two roadblocks:

  1. The political parties will never allow CIR because they know that if they do they will lose the control they wield over the people.
  2. The majority of Australian people have not learned about our Commonwealth of Australian Constitution Act 1901 and Common Law and how these offer great protections from any government or group that wishes to dictate to us. Therefor the political parties have taken advantage of our ignorance and imposed draconian “laws” that have slowly but surely destroyed our country. As a result, most people are unaware of the great power we all hold.

Our aims include putting the power into the hands of We the People of the Commonwealth of Australia to start referendums, changing electoral boundaries to create smaller electorates, eliminate State governments and substitute smaller, more representative regional governments composed of independent citizen representatives instead, and from there initiate a series of carefully considered referendums to bring about gradual change to our Constitution.

Books written by Mike Holt

This amazing story is about the horrendous experiences thousands of Australian POW's endured at the hands of the cruel Japanese after their capture in Singapore in 1942.

A collection of short stories set mostly in Thailand that will delight and surprise the reader...taking you on a roller-coaster ride of emotions, surprises, and fun.

We believe that a Constitution, as the supreme law of the land, must be a dynamic document that changes at the Will of the People to keep pace with changes to our political and social needs so that our government can respond to international events to protect citizens.


But CIR is much more than that. Our Forefathers only thought CIR should be available to amend the Constitution. Things have changed over the last century or so, and today we want CIR to allow people to have a direct say in government. We can do this through implementing the latest technology in a Voting App based on the Blockchain to secure it from interference.

This will create a much stronger, more resilient Democracy. People will want to become engaged in political and social decisions, as their voting decisions will directly affect them.

The changes we envision will restore our freedoms and create a strong, independent sovereign nation. We can only achieve this if every citizen has the right to initiate a referendum….bringing in Citizens Initiated Referendums (CIR) is our first and most important core policy.

We are taking a holistic approach to taking control over our government. As we use this power as a unified nation of Australians we will gain so many benefits that it’s hard to imagine. But that’s what Advance Australia is here for. We are dedicated to introducing new ideas and new systems to empower the people.


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