Australia has unlimited energy available from the sun, wind, shale oil, coal, gas, and other sources. We have scientists and inventors who are capable of developing new and exciting technologies to exploit these energy sources.

While Australia is dependent on overseas oil sources we will never be able to become an independent sovereign nation.

We need to re-think our energy strategies, and we need to do it now. Oil is going to run out one day. By then, we need to have viable alternatives.

Developing renewable and new energy uses is a job for the scientists and inventors. Ensuring they can develop them will be protected by the people voting in a referendum.

Developing new ways of powering our nation cannot happen unless we have the political will, and an economic model that will allow Australia to act independently. This will depend on reforming our banking, finance, taxation and government systems.

Oil and Gas


Australian crude oil, condensate and naturally-occurring LPG resources, infrastructure, past production and remaining resources © Geoscience Australia


According to the Australian Government’s Geoscience Division, Australia has about 0.3 per cent of the world oil reserves. Most of Australia’s known remaining oil resources are condensate and liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) associated with giant offshore gas fields in the Browse, Carnarvon and Bonaparte basins. In addition oil resources are identified in the Perth, Canning, Amadeus, Cooper/Eromanga, Bowen/Surat, Otway, Bass and Gippsland basins.

Most of these oil and gas reserves remain untouched and undeveloped due to the cost of developing them, and government inertia.

Chevron’s environmental impact statement presented to the government in 2007 made the bold claim that revenues from Gorgon alone would generate so much wealth it could allow the government to cut personal taxes, yet we have not seen any reduction in taxes to match the wealth being generated by the gas reserves exports. Where is that money going?

As one tanker is claimed to be able to power 80,000 Tokyo homes for a year, where are the savings to Australian homes?

Australians should gain full benefit from Australian resources.

The same thing is happening with other energy sources. We are exporting them for money, but Australians get little or no benefit. This has got to stop. We should be putting Australians first!

  1. We are committed to renegotiating trade agreements that have forced deregulation on us resulting in loss of control over our own resources. Australians should be able to set prices to match international prices for our energy resources to benefit Australia.
  2. We will encourage development of new energy technologies to produce cleaner, more efficient fuels.
  3. We oppose privatization of our natural resources. They should remain the public property of the Australian people and be administered by the government for development, with first choice going to Australian companies employing Australian workers. Foreign investors will be limited to not more than a 49% investment in mandatory partnership with Australian investors.
  4. We propose setting up a government fund to develop energy resources. Private companies will be able to apply for government funding, technical support, depending on their investment in a project.
  5. Any excess income generated from developing our natural resources will be distributed equally to all Australians each year as a form of tax free dividend.
  6. Australia will develop our resources to become a major exporter of natural energy and bio-fuels. Export prices should be set in Australian dollars in accordance with international pricing.
  7. Climate change happens naturally. Attempts to impose taxes based on “climate change” or other fake claims are driven by Agenda 21 and the UN. Under our proposed taxation policy there will be no need to impose any additional taxes on the Australian people for any reason.