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Dick-Yardley-FarmerDick Yardley was a farmer, and the Author of Australian Political & Religious Leaders Treason, Treachery & Sabotage.

Dick’s Story:

Dick was a North Queensland fruit grower who had his farm stolen by the Cairns Council because he was trying to stop fruit bats with electric grids. The Council told him to stop. He refused. It was his land… but not for long when the greedy council go their hooks into him.

As a result, he started investigating how they could do that to him. The result was this amazing book that took 10 years to research and write.

In this 500+ page book he documents the many treasonous crimes committed by the political parties that led senior legal experts like Sir Harry Talbot Gibbs to conclude that “the current legal and political system in use in Australia and its States Territories has no basis in law.”

Dick Yardley’s book provides a handy reference for anyone who would like to understand how the political parties have stolen our freedoms and imposed a party dictatorship on us all.

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The Political Parties took ownership of the Governor-General on the 2nd February 1960. = TREASON

The Political Parties unlawfully changed our money from Imperial Pounds to Australian Dollars ($) and went to war against Vietnam with Our Commonwealth Defence Force which was for the Defence of the Commonwealth, NOT to tell other countries how to live. = TREASON

The Political Parties while sitting in Our Parliament created and registered to a corporation registered in the USA their own PARLIAMENT, AUSTRALIAN GOVERNMENT, AUSTRALIA, COMMONWEALTH, COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA and a Queen of Australia, all statutory instruments with no authority of the people voting in a referendum. = TREASON

Political Parties in conjunction with the Religious Leaders removed the spiritual bases of our supreme law as stated in the Constitutional Preamble, “humbly relying on the blessing of Almighty God”, thereby removing Queen Defender of the Faith from all Titles to Land so the Political Parties took ownership of all Land. = TREASON

For more information on the 4 steps the political parties took to destroy our country, read this:

A Simple Explanation about government TREASON

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