Steps to Fight Fines


Steps to Fight fines…

and stay out of court

Join the fight to stop the unlawful councils, toll companies, SPER, state fines corporations, police and courts issuing and enforcing fines. Register to unite with other citizens to stop the betrayal of We the People by the government that no longer represents us.

This e-Book explains how to stop fines going to court. Our Commonwealth of Australia Act 1901, the Constitution, and Common Law state that we are presumed innocent until proved guilty. Speeding, parking, toll, and other fines are not crimes. They are misdemeanors.

Yet the “authorities” presume we are guilty of a crime and impose monetary punishments without a trial. But We the People have a right to defend ourselves from those who seek to harm us financially, mentally, and physically. This e-Book will guide you in the steps to take to challenge their authority and make them accountable for any harm they do.

Members have already started establishing legal precedents using the letters we supply to get fines thrown out of court, or  cancelled. This e-Book shows you the steps to take to stop fines before they get to court.

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    • App-1-Parking-Ticket-Lawful-Affidavit.doc
    • App-2-Police Powers.pdf
    • App-3-Civic-Compliance-Victoria-Fraud-Explained.pdf
    • Appendix A.doc – First Document to Send — Request For Further And Better Particulars
    • Appendix B.doc – 2nd Document to send — Sample Notice of Fault
    • Appendix C.doc  – 3rd Document to send — Notice of Default
    • Appendix D.doc – 4th Document to send — Estoppel Letter – Certificate of Dishonour/Mediation
    • Appendix E.doc – Invoice Template
    • Appendix F.doc – Fee Schedule
    • Appendix G.doc – Sample Lawful Affidavit
    • Appendix H Letter-to-Debt-Collection.doc

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Disclaimer: While we supply proven techniques for responding to fine demands and for dealing with “officials”, we cannot be held responsible for any actions you decide to take. Each case is different and we cannot guarantee success.

Why all fines are unlawful and need not be paid:

How to Stay our of their Courts


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General Enquiries

1 Enquiries

  1. 16/10/2019

    It doesn't work I bought it they r too corrupt and treasonous they ignore it as if it's nothing I had a sign authorised by the high court of Australia they still went against it it's s corrupt Australia it's treason they don't worry

    Please don't give up Robert. The more people who challenge the corporate political party creatures the harder it becomes for them to continue their crimes. We are making them scared, but we still have a long way to go.

    However, there is very good news on the way. We have been approached by a whole industry asking us to help them and as a result we are preparing to convene a Grand Jury to investigate and prosecute the criminals and traitors. Once we convene the first Grand Jury more will follow. We are going to make them accountable....Common Law is still our highest law of the land, and hanging is still the punishment for Treason. 

    Please get everyone you know to download the My Will letter and let's get as many signatures as possible. The sooner the better!