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If you want to help get our nation back on track in the Commonwealth of Australia, please fill in the form below. It’s free to sign up. You are not committed to do anything unless you are able to. If we are going to be able to elect moral, honest men and women who want to serve our nation we need enough members to create an unstoppable groundswell of demand for change. That is what Advance Australia is working to do.

To learn how the political parties have stolen our nation, cast aside the Commonwealth of Australia Act 1901 Constitution, stopped using Common Law, and have built a political party corporate dictatorship, visit our information site here:

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    All funds are used to promote the cause and spread the word of our activities, such as running the website, printing flyers and petitions, making banners, etc. Our officers are all volunteers. We do not receive a salary or gain any monetary benefit from donations.

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