Service to the Nation

Australia provides many advantages and freedoms for its citizens. These must be protected and nurtured. We believe citizens should give something back to the nation that gives us all so much.

We can do this through civil or military service. By providing military service to the nation citizens will ensure that our country is fully protected at all times, by our Australian Defence Force and a fully trained and armed militia.

The provisions in our proposed referendums are subject to discussion and amendment by the people. We propose the ages of 18 to 38, as these are the most productive years of our citizens. However, this age range may be amended by the people before putting the Service to the Nation referendum to a vote.

We propose the following be voted on in a referendum.

Military Service

Except as provided in our Constitution, all able-bodied Australian citizens between the ages of 18 and 38 years shall be trained to serve the Nation.

Those undergoing military training shall be a member of the Military Reserve Forces from age 18 to 38 years. Military training shall be for a continuous period of 14 weeks during each and every five years from age 18 years to age 38 years. Such Citizens shall be obliged to render military service as and when required to defend the Nation.

It is considered that blocks of 14 weeks is the minimum required to achieve a useful level of expertise without unduly disrupting civil occupations. It allows for three intakes in any 12 month period with appropriate periods between intakes for recovery and preparation in training establishments.

This training schedule equates to three weeks per year over 20 years – about one year in total. The option to undertake training at any time during a five year period allows Citizens maximum flexibility.

Deployment on active service shall count as double against this military training obligation.

For example, if a Citizen is called up for 14 weeks operational duty, he would expunge 28 weeks of obligation.

Citizens shall have the right to volunteer to serve part-time and full time in the Reserve Forces, to undertake specialist training, and to undertake training as Officers and Non-Commissioned Officers.

Alternative Service

The statutes shall provide for training in alternative services such as police, fire, ambulance, paramedic, coast watch, search and rescue services.  Those undergoing alternative training shall be a member of Emergency Services Reserve from age 18 to 38 years.  Alternative training shall be for a period of 15 weeks each and every five years between the ages of 18 and 38 years. Such Citizens shall be required to render such service as and when required in times of emergency.

Deployment on actual operations counts as double against this training requirement.

For example, a Citizen called out to assist with fighting bush fires or with flood mitigation for a period of two weeks would have their training obligation reduced by four weeks.

Although training and service to the Nation between the ages of 18 and 38 years is mandatory for every able female Citizen, military service is voluntary and nurturing mothers and pregnant women shall be exempt.

Nurturing mothers are defined as those with children under the age of 18 years domiciled with the mother.

Those rendering compulsory service shall be paid appropriately for the job they perform in that service.  If necessary, family income shall be augmented by the Commonwealth to a reasonable level bearing in mind the family income pertaining at the start of the Citizen’s service.

Employers of persons undergoing training or deployed on operational service in the Military Reserve Forces and the Emergency Services Reserve shall be required to ensure such employees are reinstated without detriment at the conclusion of their service.

Those who render military or alternative service and thereby suffer health impairment or lose their life shall receive for themselves or their dependent relatives adequate support from the Commonwealth to ensure their income remains equal to or exceeds Average Weekly Earnings1 adjusted annually.

1 Average Weekly Earnings (AWE) as used throughout this Constitution shall mean Average Weekly Earnings as determined by the Bureau of Statistics.

The families of Citizens rendering operational military service shall be granted preferential treatment by all government agencies. For the purpose of this provision, “family” is defined as mother, father, spouse, son,daughter.

Aborigines and Torres Strait Islanders choosing to live their lives in remote communities without mainstream assistance shall be exempt from compulsory service.