A CIR Bill


With new technological advancements, as well as new information and ideas we have learned we have revised the Proposed Act to bring in Citizens Initiated Referendums (CIR) we are working to implement for Australia.

This revised Proposed Act has simplified what we would like to see revised to in our Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act Section 128. It takes into account the electoral reforms we propose in Step 3 of our 5-Step Plan. Instead of State governments and political parties, we propose setting up regional governments consisting of 50 small electorates of just 5,000 voters. And because we are developing a digital voting App based on the Blockchain for very strong security, we will be able to start and vote in referendums 4 times a year.

In particular, the Blockchain means that we can use a digital voting App anytime, anywhere, so that we can have immediately quantifiable results for any election. Therefore, we are consulting with other groups who have already developed voting Apps based on the Blockchain to create a voting app better suited to today’s reality.

Electronic voting will enable the People of the Commonwealth to vote in four scheduled Referendums per year, similar to the Swiss model.

When the Bill is passed, it will give the power to every Australian voter to start a binding referendum to amend the Constitution or to vote on proposed Legislation that will affect the lives of the People of the Commonwealth.

The following is the text of the Binding CIR Bill we will submit to Parliament…

A Bill for an Act for a referendum to amend Section 128 of the Constitution to enable citizens of Australia to initiate binding referendums to amend the Constitution, to vote on proposed Parliamentary Legislation, and for related purposes The Parliament of Australia enacts:

Part 1 – Preliminary

1 Short Title

This Act may be cited as the Section 128 Constitutional Amendment Act 20XX

2 Commencement

This Act commences on the day this Act receives the Royal Assent, either by the Ruling Monarch or their assigned representative to the Commonwealth of Australia the Governor General.

3 Guide to this Act

This Act is for a referendum to amend Section 128 of the Constitution to allow Citizens to initiate binding referendums to amend the Constitution and to vote on proposed Legislation. The referendum question seeks to replace Section 128 with a new Section 128.

The following paragraphs set out the process that must be followed, and the requirements that must be met, in order for a Citizen to initiate the holding of a binding referendum to amend the Constitution. The process involves the following steps:

  1. Anyone who is the holder of one share in the Commonwealth of Australia with all rights as an elector may propose an amendment to the Constitution.
  2. The proposal must be forwarded to the Electoral Commission in an approved form accompanied by the signatures of 500 electors collected either electronically or in writing.
  3. The Electoral Commission must undertake random sampling to verify the signatures, and if all is in order the Electoral Commission must forward the proposal to Parliamentary Counsel.
  4. Parliamentary Counsel must, in consultation with the Attorney-General’s Department and the principle proposer, draft the referendum question(s) such that no alterations will be necessary if the referendum is passed, before the proposal is incorporated into the Constitution, or into Legislation. Parliamentary Counsel must then return the proposal to the Electoral Commission.
  5. The Electoral Commission must then open a petition by publishing the proposal in an approved format; either printed out for those unable to vote digitally, or in digital form to be posted to the Voting App.
  6. Signatures may be collected electronically or in writing. Written voting forms must include identity verified by a voting official at the time of submission, and must include pictorial Identity containing name, address and signature as registered with the Electoral Commission.
  7. In publishing the proposal and receiving hand or digitally signed petitions, the Electoral Commission is to strive for efficiency by using modern technology to tablulate the results as quickly and efficiently as possible under independent scrutineers.
  8. Upon receipt of the required number of signatures (currently 1% of the voting population as at the last election) in support of the proposal the Electoral Commission must verify the signatures by random sampling.
  9. If all is in order the Electoral Commissioner is to forward the proposal to the Governor General.
  10. The Governor General must, before the next scheduled referendum, submit the proposal to the electors in each State and Territory qualified to vote for the election of the House of Representatives.

4 Object of this Act

The object of this Act is to enable Australian citizens to initiate binding referendums to amend the Constitution.

This is the text we propose after the above Bill is passed by Parliament and the Will of the People

Schedule 1 to Section 128 Constitution Amendment Referendum Bill 20XX to Amend SECTION 128 OF THE CONSTITUTION

Chapter VIII


The Proposed Alteration to Section 128

This Constitution shall not be altered except in the following manner:-

The proposed law for the alteration thereof must be passed by an absolute majority of the Parliament, either Federal or Regional, and not less than two nor more than six months after its passage through the Parliament, the proposed law shall be submitted in each Region or Electorate to the electors qualified to vote in a referendum.

If the people vote to approve the proposed law, it shall be presented to the Governor-General for the Queen’s assent.

No alteration shall become law unless the majority of the electors voting in the referendum approve the proposed law.
A majority shall be a minimum of 60% of the voters in the Region or Electorate voting in the affirmative, unless otherwise amended by a referendum vote.

(The text in this page is Copyright (c) CIRNow and Advance-Australia HQ Pty Ltd 2016 -19 and may not be copied, reproduced, published or used in way without express permission)

The above is the proposal put out for consideration by Advance Australia HQ Pty Ltd. We ask any and all Australians to send us their thoughts and suggestions to improve the proposed Bill so that it meets the wishes of all Australians. Click here to Contact us with your suggestions.