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Since writing the original proposal in 2015 technological advancements and new information and ideas mean that we have revised the form of the Citizens Initiated Referendums (CIR) we are working to implement for Australia.

In particular, the advent of the Blockchain means that we can combine a digital voting App with CIR so that we can have immediately quantifiable results of any election. Therefore, a digital voting App makes it easy for the people to have a say in both amending the Constitution and voting on important legislation proposed in Parliament that will affect our lives.

Advance Australia is consulting with other groups who have already developed voting Apps based on the Blockchain and we will make this App available for free download as soon as it is ready.

Citizens Initiated Referendums (Binding CIR)

This short 5-minute video explains simply what CIR is and how it works:

Every voter has a fundamental right to have a say in our government.

Advance Australia is committed to putting the power into the hands of the people to give all Australians a voice in our government. Common Law Assemblies are being set up across the land, creating local governments of the people.

Once we reach a critical mass number of Assembly members, we will start convening national congresses to give elected representatives from each Assembly a voice in the structure and implementation of a new political and government system

This right to initiate a referendum is currently only available to elected representatives of our Federal Parliament. They have not been doing their job. They have not served We the People.

This must change if Australia is going to survive into the future.

Once a People’s Parliament has been set up as a result of the National Congresses, we will immediately submit a Bill to amend S.128 to give all Australians the right to initiate a referendum. Doing this will create a similar CIR system to that already enjoyed by Switzerland for the last 100 years. Click here to learn more: Swiss CIR

By combining CIR with a digital voting App, all voters will be able to vote on any amendments proposed to the Constitution, as well as on legislation that will affect the community at large.

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The Proposed Alteration to Section 128

Section 128 Mode of altering the Constitution states that only the people voting in a referendum can amend the Constitution. We propose amending S128 to allow all voters to have a say in government as well. Click here to read the proposed CIR Bill.

Our Proposal:

The Constitution writers built in stringent safeguards to S128, but they erred in giving only the Parliament the right to initiate referendums. With the political parties holding power over they have not bothered with referendums since the late 20th Century.

With power restored to the people with CIR, we will propose a referendum to amend the Constitution to reform the electoral system to the one proposed in this website. Click on the link to read what we propose.

Once this change to the electoral system is in effect, we can simplify the procedure for initiating CIR to this:

This Constitution shall not be altered except in the following manner:-

The proposed law for the alteration thereof must be passed by an absolute majority of the Parliament, either Federal or Regional, and not less than two nor more than six months after its passage through the Parliament, the proposed law shall be submitted in each Region or Electorate to the electors qualified to vote in a referendum, using their voting app.

If the people vote to approve the proposed law, it shall immediately become law.

No alteration shall become law unless the majority of the electors voting in the referendum approve the proposed law. A majority shall be a minimum of 60% (the percentage to be decided by the voters in a referendum) of the voters in the Region or Electorate voting in the affirmative, unless otherwise amended by a referendum vote.

Our Goal


If you want to have a say in government We, the People of the Commonwealth of Australia, must have the right to initiate referendums. Then we can start changing the laws to bring in government that is directly responsible to We the People….not to a political party.

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