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Ut deinceps in posterumProportional Representation with CIR Means Justice for All

The Problem

From the day the first Governor General stepped ashore and presented his Letters Patent from Queen Victoria to the Australian Parliament, the political parties have denied the Crown, our Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1901 and the Rights and Will of the people.

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As a result, Australia has no lawful government. Instead, we are ruled by a criminal cartel imposing communist-style tyranny on the people at the point of a gun. But no matter how hard they try, they can never crush our spirit, or our demands for justice.

While our Constitution is one of the best in the world, our founding fathers made a fundamental mistake when they gave only the Parliament the right to start a referendum. This gave the Parliament all the power over the people, and that is why they have been committing crimes and treason against We the People of the Commonwealth ever since.

But there is a solution. Section 128 gives only We the People the power to amend our Constitution by voting in referendums. The politicians have never been able to get around this power, which explains why we have voted on 45 referendum questions, but approved only 8. We have denied the politicians any attempts to gather more power over us into their hands.

It is up to us to take back the power vested in us by our Founding Fathers and hundreds of years of Common Law, to create a government of the people, for the people, by the people. To do this, all we need do is hold a referendum to ask the people if we want to amend Section 128 to put the power firmly back in the hands of the people to start referendums….Citizens Initiated Referendums (CIR).

Once all Australian voters approve the referendum to put the power into the hands of the people through CIR, we can start righting the many wrongs done against us by the political parties. It is our right that all political decisions affecting our lives should be approved by the people voting in national referendums and local votes.

The Proposed Solution

Advance Australia has a plan to return our freedoms and liberties to us. These ideas are presented for you to consider, and suggest amendments to if you wish. To suggest an amendment, click to Contact us here


Advance Australia’s 5-Point Plan:

  1. Amend the Constitution S.128 to give all voters the right to Binding Citizens Initiated Referendums (CIR), as is our right!
  2. Create a secure online voting system based on the blockchain so that voters can vote anywhere, any time, giving us a more flexible and stronger democracy.
  3. Reform the electoral system through a carefully considered constitutional referendum to reduce the size of electorates, create new Regional governments instead of State governments, making representatives directly accountable to the voters. This will slim down the number of representatives as well, eliminate Big Bang elections, and allow us to decide on important questions affecting the nation and our communities immediately a decision is required.
  4. Reform the taxation system to bring in a single corporate bank transaction tax. Imagine no more GST, payroll, business, income, and all the other taxes…just a single tax only on companies! At the same time we will reform our banking and financial system to benefit we the people, not the faceless international banksters currently destroying our nation with their puppets the political parties.
  5. Implement Service to the Nation. If our country gives us so much, it’s only fair that we give something back. Those eligible to serve will be able to choose Civil or Military Service. All equipment supplied to these services must be manufactured in Australia within a time limit determined by the availability of trained people and materials. Imagine what that will do to grow our economy!
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Referendums We the People could also vote on:

  • Leave the UN
  • Cancel all trade agreements and renegotiate any that will actually benefit Australia
  • Select the type of immigrants we want who will benefit Australia and be loyal to our nation
  • Give preference for aid to Australian people first
  • Reform the banking system
  • Reject fundamental religious takeovers
  • Reclaim all public utilities and services that have been illegally sold to private enterprises
  • Reform the legal system to the Common Law Court system to provide a Justice System that is fair and that makes anyone who hurts others pay for their misdeeds with consistent sentencing and/or punishment
  • …and many more questions that need to be addressed that will benefit the nation and the people

Our Pledge: We believe in Australia and our people. All Australians have a vested interest in making this the happiest, richest, safest nation possible. We will work to achieve this with all our hearts and intellect.

The current political system has failed us. Isn’t it time to change the system?

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