Download a Free Truckie Poster

Truckies are the lifeblood of our nation. Each day you drive behind or past dozens of trucks.

Imagine if each of these trucks had this poster stuck on the back of their truck. The message would get out to millions of Aussies every day.

Truckies Print your own Poster

If you are a truckie and you would like to help… download the PDF print-ready version of this poster and take it to Office Works or a Printing Company to print out a poster with sticky backing to put on the back of your truck. Print it out big enough that drivers will be able to easily read the wording while driving behind you.

Let us help with the printing costs

Not all truckies can afford to pay for the printing by themselves.

We ask any truckie who would like us to help with printing costs to contact us and we will arrange payment for your printing.

You can Help! Will you donate to help our truckies pay for printing the poster?

We can all pitch in and help get the message out!

Click on the PayPal button below to donate whatever you can afford. We will make sure the truckies get the money to print a poster for their truck.

Let’s get the message out on the streets by working together!

Amount raised so far: $10

Amount donated to truckies so far: $0