Accuse the Traitors

We are making four Posters available for FREE download so that you can put them anywhere they can be seen. These posters will help alert Australians to the massive fraud and treason carried out by the political party dictatorship.

Ever since the political parties brought in The Australia Act in 1986 to create a corporate Australian Government registered in the USA, all political parties have been in Treason.

The Australia Act 1986 was never enacted lawfully. This article explains why: Commonwealth of Australia Vs Australia Act

We offer these Posters for the People of the Commonwealth of Australia to distribute everywhere possible to alert the people that the Political Party Dictatorships are IN TREASON and that they must therefore Cease and Desist their unlawful activities or face the consequences of the harm they have inflicted on our nation, our people, and the law.

Please place these posters responsibly. Don’t put them on public spaces without permission. You could be arrested for defacing buildings. If possible, ask businesses if you can put one in their shop window. Or put them up on public notice boards. Hand them out as you walk down the street. Take them to meetings to give to people. Be creative. There are many lawful ways to spread them around.

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These are examples of the Posters available for FREE DOWNLOAD: