Secure Electronic Voting?

How do we propose implementing safe, secure electronic voting?

The online voting system we propose is nothing like the US model. Our leader, Mike Holt, has more than 40 years IT experience as a systems analyst, cryptographer, programmer, database designer, and webmaster. He brings all this experience to the table.

The system we have already designed will work similarly to the MyGov website to ensure that it is extremely secure.

Each voter is assigned a unique voter registration code by the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC). Voters will enter that code as their login name when they register on the online voting app.

Next, they will choose their own password.

The program will check the password and if it doesn’t meet strict guidelines, with a minimum number of letters, numbers and symbols, the user will have to make up one until it does pass the guidelines.

This will preclude the user’s DOB and using other easily hacked data as well. The user’s password must be complex enough that it will be almost impossible to hack.

Once the user logs in the program will SMS a unique one-time code number to the voter, similar to the MyGov login. It will go direct to your mobile phone. The mobile phone number must be the same as the number you give when you register with the AEC. Failure to enter the correct code will lock you out of the system after 3 tries and you will have to wait 30 minutes before trying again.

But we are also building in an even stronger fail-safe

If there is a duplicate login during the voting period the program will alert the voter that his/her vote has not been accepted. They will be summoned to their closest AEC office to verify their identity.

Electronic Voting Combined with CIR and Electoral Reform will ensure our Democracy is protected






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