Regain our Democracy

The Reprints Act 1992 – how it affects you

Enacted by Premier Wayne Goss, and Kevin Rudd

What is the Reprints Act?

A reprint is a version of Queensland legislation that consolidates all changes to the legislation as at a particular date. Reprints are produced for all Acts and subordinate legislation (SL) in force in Queensland. Another word for a reprint is a “rewrite” to incorporate additions or deletions to the law, even if those laws are not written down! You have to ask how that works. We have posted a video about the Reprints Act and how it affects you that every Australian should watch. To learn more, watch the video here: How the Queensland Government Stole our Democracy

How is it used?

  • It is used to effect changes in legislation retrospectively
  • To remove safeguards in legislation such as:
    • Referenda
    • Separation of Powers
    • Being subject to the Australian Constitution

The Queensland Government  stole our Right to be governed under the Constitution, and gave themselves total power over State Laws. In effect, they created a State Government Dictatorship!

As a result, all other States automatically followed, and so all Australians were stripped of their Constitutional rights.

This is why State Governments, and their illegal subsidiary companies, Local Councils, ignore the rights of We the People and do whatever they want. They have sold off our public services and assets, ignored referendums, and ridden rough-shod over the wishes of the We the People!

Is this the kind of Australia we want now and for the future?

There is one simple thing we can all do. We can unite in civil disobedience and refuse to pay the illegal fines levied against us for tolls, speed and parking tickets.

It has been done before. Remember the Eureka Stockade? We the People won against government tyranny then. We can do it again. All it takes is your decision to unite with your fellow Australian citizens and say NO! Enough is enough!

If you agree, supply your contact details below and we will send you details of how to unite with other citizens to stop the betrayal of We the People by the government that is supposed to represent us. Meanwhile, Advance Australia Group will publicize our plight to the media and help you organize your Refusal.

If you would like to join the fight to regain our democracy please register below and we will send you details how to unite with Australians everywhere to stop the political party dictatorship.

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