What!? Another political party?

Yes, but Advance Australia Party is different.

We are not associated with any other party. We are here to break the political party dictatorship. Our aim is to put the power into the hands of We the People with Citizens Initiated Referendums (CIR).

Nor do we have policies made by “men in the back room”. Instead, we offer a 5-Point Plan to take action that will put our nation back on track to ethical, moral, democratic government. No left. No right. Just all Australians united for Australia.

We will:

  1. Form a government to serve the will of the people and govern according to our Constitution and our laws
  2.  Amend the Constitution to give all voters the right to  Citizens Initiated Referendums (CIR)
  3.  Create a secure online voting system so that citizens can vote anywhere, any time, giving us a more flexible and stronger democracy
  4. Initiate Referendums to:
    • Leave the UN
    • Implement Service to the Nation to help protect our nation and supplement the ADF with a trained civil defence force, including a requirement for all equipment to be manufactured in Australia. This will boost manufacturing and create new jobs for all.
    • Reform the Electoral System
    • Eliminate all taxes and implement a single Bank Transfer tax
    • Select the type of immigrants we want who will benefit Australia and be loyal citizens
    • Give preference for aid to Australian citizens first
    • Renegotiate trade agreements to benefit Australia
    • Reclaim all public utilities and services that have been illegally sold to private enterprises
    • Reform the legal system to provide a Justice System
    • Initiate referendums submitted by citizens
Calling the Governor General to Sack the Government
When Gough Whitlam failed in his duty to the Australian people the Governor General sacked him.
We the People ask that the GG sack the Turnbull government and install an interim government that will implement the reforms on the left.Click on the image to sign the petition:

Our Pledge: The 5-Step Plan will eliminate the need for political parties. Instead, We the People will choose and elect independent representatives who will be directly accountable to those who vote them in. Once we have achieved the 5-Step Plan, we pledge to disband the party.

The current political system has failed us. Isn’t it time for a change to the system?

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If you are not ready to join the party yet, or if you would like to support our work, please consider donating whatever you can.


You can also donate by bank transfer to:

RestoreAustralia Trust Account:
Account Number: 123995909
BSB 484799

What happens to your donation?
All funds are used to promote the cause and spread the word of our activities, such as running the website, printing flyers and petitions, making banners, etc. Our officers are all volunteers. We do not receive a salary or gain any monetary benefit from donations.
Thank you for your support, and for helping us unite Aussies to build a better future for Australia.